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What’s Your Name?

Sam talks with a man who calls himself, “What’s Your Name?” In 1999, he came to Hazleton, PA as a man who was just passing through town. He had no shoes, no transportation, just walked. But while he was here, he stopped along the way to preach the “Good News” of Jesus. Because of his appearance (dressed in a simple robe, beard and no shoes) many thought he was claiming to be Jesus. But that was not the case.

After Sam’s initial interview, “What’s Your Name” gained more popularity throughout the state, the country and even the world. Soon, he was being interviewed by the Associated Press, then reporters from Italy and France. Then came his interview with 20/20 and even a documentary.

So here’s the interview that started the ball rolling for a man who came into town just looking to preach the word of God.

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