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West Hazleton Rape Update


It’s a case of mistrust. Court papers outline how an 18 year old  woman referred to as K.L.C. trusted people she knew and was taken advantage of. West Hazleton Police searched 209 Winters Avenue in West Hazleton where the alleged gang rape took place. Court documents are very descriptive and at times difficult to read . Here’s what court papers say. K.L.C. arrived at 209 Winters Avenue where she met a man she knew documents call him”Joe Danny”. While there the 18 year old was brought up to the attic. That’s when Joe Danny asked the 18 year old to have sex. She said no. Eventually four more hispanic men were also in the attic. Reports say the 18 year old was asked to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. The papers say she was afraid of not being cool and eventually drank 5 beers. The group left for a bar and later came back. This time Joe Danny asked her again to have sex but when K.L.C. said no he threatened her life.  K.L.C was rapped both vaginally and anally by all 5 men that night. It was only the next day that she went to the hospital. Kayla Lloyd lives right next door with her new born son and family she said she’s disgusted with the whole story. The police used a search warrant obtained from District Judge James Dixon to seize evidence from the house. Police are still investigating this case. No one has been arrested yet.


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