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Vaccine Deadline EXTENDED Again!

Several students in the Hazleton Area School District stayed home from
school Monday under the impression that they would not be permitted to
attend to class, because they failed to get state mandated vaccines.
Good news for these students the Department of Health has yet again,
expended the vaccine deadline and Administrators are urging kids to grab
their backpacks and head to school. Students and their parents have even
more time to comply with Pennsylvania’s requirements that went into
effect last August. News 13 spoke with the Supervisor of School Nurses
for the Hazleton Area School District, Ellen McBride after some students
were missing from school. She says “ Any student who missed school today
will be given an excused administrative leave.”While students are off
the hook for Monday, they must show up for school Tuesday because it the
absence will not be excused.
Doctors are running out of the vaccines, McBride says parents who still
need to get their child immunized should call their doctor immediately
to make an appointment or call 877-PA-HEALTH.Again, Pennsylvania health
officials have extended the vaccination deadline until May 14th. Kids
who don’t comply with the new vaccination rules may not be allowed to
attended class.

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