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Plenty of advocates for HPD are logging on and showing their support for the Hazleton Police Department after last weeks rally against police brutality.

“Too much attention is being given to the people who detract from the good of the HPD and all the police force in general. We just wanted to do something to show that we support them,” said Jake, emergency worker and friend of HPD officers

Jake helped create the Facebook page, We Support the HPD that has nearly two thousand members since it was created this weekend.

“Recent events, regardless of anything, we wanted to show the police department that we have supporters out there for them,” said Jake.

This support comes a week after Jonathan Garay was fatally shot by a Hazleton Police officer after police said Garay tried to raise a gun towards officers during a struggle earlier this month in Hazleton. Garay’s family believes he was unjustly shot. They want to see the officer that shot him tried for murder.

“It happened where, whether this man aimed a gun at police officers or not he was a threat to them and their lives. They did what they were trained to do,” said “Jane”.

Jane’s brother patrols in Hazleton. She has recently started the Facebook page HPD Justice to show her support for the police force.

Both pages started out as a place to show their support and appreciation for HPD, but plenty of friends on Facebook want to help raise money for HPD’s efforts. That’s why Jake plans to open a bank account for the HPD so people can donate money to help the officers better patrol the area.

Jake said he has been advised to not hold a rally, because it may cause more harm than good to the community and officers.










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