State Police: Chief Caused Crash

News 13 told you first that a State Police Accident
Re-constructionist completed the investigation into a May 18th
Accident in Downtown Hazleton that involved Hazleton’s Police Chief
Frank DeAndrea and 80 year old Walter Bloss of Drums. The police report states
that Chief DeAndrea, who was behind the wheel of the department’s SUV
at the time, failed to stop for a red light at Broad and Laurel
Streets, hitting Bloss who was driving a motor scooter. Bloss suffered
major injuries and remains in a rehabilitation hospital. State
Troopers had forwarded their findings to the State Attorney General’s
Office to determine if charges would be filed against Chief DeAndrea.
In the immediate days following the accident, Hazleton City Police
were working the investigation, but State Police took it over a few
weeks later. State Police reconstructed the scene and also talked to
several witnesses who saw the accident happen. According to the police
report, Bloss was at the stoplight on Laurel Street, DeAndrea was on
Broad Street heading east. Bloss’s light turned green and he proceeded
into the intersection, DeAndrea drove thru the red light on Broad and
hit Bloss’s Scooter with the front of the SUV. Bloss was ejected from
the scooter suffering broken bones.
News 13 contacted Bloss’s family and his daughter told us that they
were advised not to speak with the media, at least for now. We also
contacted Hazleton Mayor Joe Yannuzzi’s Office for comment and the
Mayor said because of anticipated litigation regarding the crash he
was not able to comment on anything. Mayor Yannuzzi said the City’s
Vehicle Insurance Company would be handling the case.

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