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Shooting Victim Remembered


West Maple Street was quiet Monday, near a small memorial in remembrance of 19 year old Angel Villalobos. Loved ones lit candles and wrote kind words about their friend. Angel known by some as little angel was shot multiple times Saturday night and later died at Hazleton General Hospital. He was found by police in the 500 block of West Maple Street after neighbors said they heard guns shots. Monday, neighbors said the street was strangely quiet. Most folks in the area of the shooting wouldn’t comment on camera,  but spoke off camera about how great Angel was. An unidentified 24 year old man was also found in the same area. Investigators said both men were conscious when police arrived on the scene. One victim was found lying on his back in the street and the other leaning against a car. That man has been released from the hospital. Talk in the neighborhood is that the two victims were initially asked for money and when they didn’t give any, that’s when the car opened fire. Angel will be leaving behind a young son. Neighbors said their hearts go out to his family. Friends want Angel to be remembered as a friend, a father and a good person. Investigators are planning on releasing more information.


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