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Sequester Countdown

sequester countdown

People are waiting for the worst. Calling it a fire and brimstone scene. Kings College Professor, Dr. David Sosar said it’s not as bad as people are making it out to sound, just yet. Dr. Sosar said the government is cutting across the board to prevent themselves from getting rid of one organization and not another.He said agencies will get cut, it’s just figuring out what is considered more essential than something else to the country. Dr. Sosar said we won’t see the effects just yet but by April  those that are fourloughed will not be working. That’s when lines might seem a little longer. Corrine works at URS she says if the organization doesn’t get the funding it will affect all of Hazleton because more people will be unemployed. She said people at her organization go above  and beyond where as other companies may not.  Dr. Sosar said there are ways to prevent all of these things. But the government needs to start making some tough decisions. Now!


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