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Recent Rash of Robberies

Folks are scared tonight. Some not even wanting to head to their local convenient for milk and bread or to fill up their gas tanks. It’s been robbery after robbery in the area not only are random people being mugged and robbed along city streets, but places like Turkey Hill at Alter and 15th streets have been targeted 3 times in just one week, with the latest early this morning. Three Hispanic men entered the store and once again got away with cash and cigarettes, the same items taken in a number of other hold ups around the area. Our Jasmine Brooks headed out where she found convenient store workers taking extra precautions and talked with customers who are troubled with the rash of robberies.

The Turkey Hill at 15th and Alter street was robbed for the the third time this month. Police tell us three hispanic men entered the store around 4 this morning and got away with cash and cigarettes. Turkey Hill Headquarters released this statement to us. “As always, we are intensively focused on doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for Turkey Hill customers and associates at all of our stores. Following recent incidents in Hazleton, we continue to work closely with local law enforcement on investigations and ongoing crime prevention efforts.” On Monday morning, customers voiced their concerns, saying something different needs to be done!

Turkey Hill isn’t the only store recently targeted, just last week the Pantry Quick in West Hazleton was hit. Manager, Krishna Patal, checks to make sure the security system is constantly working, monitoring the entire inside and outside of her store. Days ago, two men entered her store, put a gun to an employees head, and again demanded cash and cigarettes. The men got away with but not before they’re pictures were taken by several cameras throughout the store.

The recent rash of robberies have convenient stores all over the city prepared to protect their stores. Groceries Plus keeps several employees on each shift in addition to having multiple cameras watching customers inside and outside of the store. Employees also remain aware of who enters their store, by requiring them to remove any hoods before entering.
As the city continues the hunt to finding those responsible for the rash of robberies, police ask anyone with information to confidentially call them at 459-4940 or dial 911 immediately.
Jasmine Brooks, News 13.

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