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Puppy Saved!

Dog Rescued

Its safe to say a stranded pup is lucky to be alive tonight…and she
has a few people to thank…or should we say “bark” at. The pretty pup
had to be rescued after being stuck on the side of a mountain, about
40 feet off the ground. Thanks to a motorist along route 309, A
Brittany Spaniel was spotted and Kline Township police alerted.
When Chief John Petrilla arrived he called for the assistance of the
McAdoo Fire Company’s ladder truck to help get the puppy down…There
was no other way out. The firefighters did a “doggone” good job
getting her off the cliff safely. According to the chief, the dog was
not wearing a collar or tags, so the dog warden was called in to take
the pup. Now the k-9 will temporarily call the Hillside SPCA home,
until he can find her owners, or a new home. If you know who owns this
Brittany Spaniel call the hillside SPCA at 622-7769.

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