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Pizza Man Beat and Robbed

It happened early Tuesday morning in the city of Hazleton. A Domino’s
Pizza delivery guy in his 30’s was the victim of what could be called a
“set-up” by at least 3 Hispanic men. News 13 is being told an order was
made to a fake address and when the Domino’s worker arrived in the 200
hundred block of Tamarack Street, the three men pushed him to the
ground, hit him in the face and got away on foot with three pizzas. News
13 stopped by Domino’s today where workers said their co-worker is
recovering from his injuries, which were minor, and he is expected to
return to work. Lieutenant Leonard of the Hazleton Police Department
says this is not the first time a pizza delivery person or other food
delivery worker has been robbed or attacked within the city luckily for
this victim he was not seriously injured and right now it does not look
as though any cash was taken in the crime. Police are taking this crime
very seriously and are following up on leads and ask if you know
anything to dial 9-1-1 immediately.

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