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Pathway to Immigration Reform

Immigration reform

The United States has been referred to as a melting pot. For folks in the Hazleton area, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have ancestry from a different country. Obama’s proposal for immigration reform paves a pathway for illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows and seek opportunity to become American citizens. Not everyone is optimistic about the reform, Lou Barletta was Mayor of Hazleton when controversy over the cities illegal immigration relief act was in the headlines. Now, the congressman said the country should be focused on securing the borders before making this reform. Congressman Barletta said illegal immigrants will only be taking jobs from legal immigrants who are already suffering. Many folks living in Hazleton are first generation immigrants. President of Hazleton’s Dominican House, Victor Perez said they’ve been helping legal immigrants gain citizenship for 7 years. He thinks legal and illegal immigrants come to this country for opportunity for a better life. Victor wants Hazleton to know things can get better in the area if everyone works together to solve the immigration issue.

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