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More ad dollars are spent on television advertising than any other form of media – for good reason. According to Nielsen, TV continues to rank as one the “most authoritative” and “most persuasive” forms of media available. At 98%, its reach into U.S. households and all demographics is hard to beat. While complex, TV can be efficient and effective if planned right and managed correctly.

We can produce and place it all. Weather is be TV Shows, Spots :30, :60, :120 or Infomercial, we’ll make sure your product/ company will be seen.

Contact us, so we can help design the right media plan for your business goals and help you get the best rates.


Color advertisements in Newspapers and magazines remain some of the most popular and effective advertising tools available.

*Over 80% of the population read Newspapers and magazines.

*Newspaper and magazine readers tend to be educated professionals earning higher than average incomes.

*Readers spend over 45 minutes per issue.

*Best of all, readers can easily save and retrieve the newspaper and magazine.

Print remains the premier advertising medium. Whether its newspapers or magazines, Sam-Son Productions can get you the best discounts period. We have the buying power, leverage and relationships that you need.

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