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New Year, Fresh Gear

Rich Bognar

New Gear for Firefighers

Nothing like some fresh gear for some local fire fighters. They protect
and serve residents, so its important to make sure the firefighters
themselves are protected as well. News 13 stopped by Valley Regional
Fire and Rescue Company Friday morning where volunteers are happy to
finally have new gear. It was a struggle to get funding and grant money
and the department needs to meet the new standards set forth by the
national firefighters protection agency, so Valley Regional’s Fire Chief
Rich Bognar took action.With the assistance of the departments relief
association providing the money through a loan, the company was able to
purchase 19 brand new sets of protective clothing for the firefighters
and also some new equipment for the company’s Ambulance crews and Fire
police officers. At a price tag of about $2,400 each the additions
include a coat, pants, helmet, gloves, hoods, CPR masks, safety glasses
and a flash light. The new state of the art equipment has life saving
features that can make a world of difference in the line of action.
Chief Bognar tells News 13 that the new equipment and gear couldn’t have
come at a better time. It’s been awhile since Valley Regional welcomed
new gear, and some of the used stuff will be sent out to be cleaned and
refurbished and continue to be used by volunteers. The fire company
serving Butler Township and Conyngham always welcomes new volunteers who
will be trained by the department. Call 570-788-1886 or Visit

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