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New Police SUV Flooded Out

New Police SUV Flooded Out

New Police SUV Flooded Out

The Borough of McAdoo’s Police Department welcomed a new crime fighting
vehicle last week, a 2012 ford Explorer SUV, but not even 48 hours into
having that vehicle in service, it was out of service, and its all
thanks to the fast moving storms that dumped inches of water on the
Borough Saturday. Someone captured on camera a McAdoo Police Officer
pushing the new SUV out of water where it stalled out Saturday at the
intersection of Cleveland and Sherman Streets. It’s important to note
that the Officer was on his way to assist a driver who was stranded in
her vehicle after her car also stalled out in the rising waters. News 13
talked to Police Chief Jeff Wainwright about the damaged SUV which is
out of service and may need a new engine. The chief says the SUV is at a
Ford dealer being inspected to see what exactly needs to be fixed or
replaced. The chief also said the Borough has been in contact with Ford
regarding the warranty on the vehicle and the Insurance Company. As for
the officer who was driving the vehicle when it broke down, Chief
Wainwright wouldn’t comment on if disciplinary action would be taken.
The chief told News 13 that the intersection was inspected before the
officer drove the SUV through it, but the problem may be the result of
how the new SUV is built lower to the ground and had already been out in
the wicked weather responding to many calls before it broke down.

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