New House For Fire Victims









Imagine losing your home and everything inside it, having only the
clothes on your back. That is reality for one local couple, but thanks
to the local community, Subreena and Melvin Lowe are slowing picking up
the pieces. Now thanks to a local Doctor and his wife, a new set of keys
will open the door to a fresh start. Dr. Philip Benyo met the Lowe’s at
Mountain City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center when he was assigned
Melvin as one of his patients. Considering his wife has available
apartments, he couldn’t help but to reach out to the Lowe’s. The Lowe’s
will be provided with the perfect home. A brand new, one floor, handicap
accessible town house located in Butler Township. Until their new home
is completely finished, they will be staying in the City, in a home that
the Benyo’s also provided. News 13 talked with Subreena this afternoon
who is eager to move into her new home as soon as possible. Melvin was
taken in for emergency surgery Tuesday. The Lowe’s are continuing to
fight and stay strong after this tragic event changed their lives

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