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“New Dad” threatens to Kill Chief of Police

A man who claimed to be tired, because he just had a baby, is soon going
to sleeping in a prison cell after he was caught with drugs and then
threatened to kill a police officer.*
*Rafael Dones Rosa of 4th St. in West Hazleton, was found sleeping
inside an SUV on Branch Street in West Hazleton Thursday morning.
Police were called there after a report to 9-1-1 that a suspicious man
was sleeping inside a vehicle.
When West Hazleton Police Chief Brian Buglio got to that vehicle, he
found Dones Rosa sleeping with drugs spread out on his lap.
Donas Rosa eventually woke up and told Chief Buglio, through a
translator, that the drugs were not his and that he fell asleep, because
he was tired after just having a baby.
Dones Rosa said he had no idea how the drugs got on his lap.
Chief Buglio arrested Dones Rosa and while he was in a holding cell at
the police station, Dones Rosa threatened to kill the chief saying “be
careful be careful, I kill you”.
He also said he would kill the Chief’s family.
The drugs on Dones Rosa’s lap were confirmed to be cocaine and heroin.

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