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New Amendment Could Bring Jobs To Pine Grove

NB-army-tongue America’s military is the largest in the world. The department of defense spent more than 700 billion dollars in 2012. But you may be surprised to know part of that is being spent on eqiptment made outside the US. Now, a new amendment would require some of that to be made here in the states, and Schuylkill County would directly benefit from it.

In a letter to President Obama, PA Senator Bob Casey wrote that the army and air foce have “moved away from issuing athletic footwear to new recruits. Instead, new recruits are given an allowance to acquire athletic footwear.”

The allowance doesn’t give preference to American-made footwear. But Casey and a dozen other senators are hoping to change that by amending the Berry Amendment, which would require domestic made shoes. And if that happens, a textile plant in Pine Grove would see a boost in production. Guilford Performance Textiles makes a part of shoes for New Balance.

The plant provides more than 300 jobs to schuylkill county, and the amendment would likely increase production

New balance is one of the leading manufacutrers of American-made shoes in the US.

The senate ordered a study on the matter to be completed by next year.

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