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More Charges Filed

More charges were filed in the case of a local volunteer firefighter
accused of hiring a prostitute back in November…
Erin Davis, who is locked up on a parole violation, was brought to Court
Tuesday Morning in Hazle Township…
Davis was set to testify for West Hazleton police in their case against
35 year old Pat Ward…
Ward is accused of hiring Davis to perform a sexual act…
Davis, who lives in Wilkes Barre, told police Ward, of West Hazleton,
was a longtime customer of hers…He would call her for sexual favors
and pay her for them…
Davis said it happened at least 50 times.
Davis was picked up by Borough Officers after visiting Ward at his home
in November…Police learned there was a warrant out for her arrest and
that’s when Davis told the officers about Ward and said he text her to
come and paid her 190 dollars which she showed officers.
Ward ended up NOT going through a hearing Tuesday in front of Judge
Jamie Dixon…Ward and his Attorney chose to send the charges against
him to the County level where he could now face trial…or could enter
into an A-R-D program…
Davis, who did not have to testify against Ward, was slapped with some
of her own charges…Prostitution and Disorderly conduct charges were
filed and Davis was taken back to prison…

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