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Maddon’s Big Announcement

Bringing different cultures together is a primary goal of Tampa Bay Ray’s Manager, Joe Maddon.  Although he now lives in Florida and California, the Hazleton Native wants the best for his hometown, and the future lies in the hands of our children. That’s why he has teamed up with Bob Curry on a very special project. The former Most Precious Blood school will soon be transformed into Hazleton’s First Community Center. A place where children, of every culture, can come together and meet new friends. Maddon feels bringing different cultures together is a something that needs to be done to better the community of Hazleton. The public is invited to the official announcement tomorrow at 3pm at the former  Most Precious Blood School. The building is located at 4th and Seybert Streets in Hazleton. As for the Community Center, the goal is to open it’s doors by Spring.




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