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Luzerne County Votes for New Controller

council meeting

The Mayor, the City Administrator, even Hazleton’s Transit director all came to council, to explain why the Hazleton Transit Authority shouldn’t merge with the county’s. Council believes they will not merge with Hazleton’s Transit, but no final decisions were made during the meeting. Once that point was made, things in the council’s really quarters heated up. Former County Controller, Walter Griffith resigned from his post, amidst wiretap charges. Council has been interviewing for his position and was set to vote for the new county controller last night. Mayor Walter Mitchell will be the interim controller for Luzerne County until the November election. The sore subject had some people asking questions. The President of the Wilkes-Barre’s taxpayers association  stirred the pot and was kicked out of the meeting when he spoke out of turn. Walter Griffith attended the meeting and shared his opinion, but left before council voted. Griffith said he plans to stay active in the government. The new county controller Mayor Walter Mitchell did not attend the meeting.








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