Local Man Receives U.S. Patent

Bednarz_200pxFrom www.wilkes.edu

Edward Bednarz, a mechanical engineering visiting professor at Wilkes University’s College of Science and Engineering, was recently awarded a patent for his design of a radar antenna safety brace while working at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Tobyhanna, Pa.

Bednarz was assigned the design project following the accidental death of an Army soldier who was killed while repairing a radar antenna overseas in 2010. The antenna searches for enemy missiles, and the brace designed by Bednarz allows mechanics and soldiers to safely perform maintenance underneath the antenna without risk of injury or death. Tobyhanna Army Depot is currently manufacturing the safety braces for deployment in the field.

To read the entire article go to http://www.wilkes.edu/pages/194.asp?item=73208


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