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Beary Scary Story

An unusual visitor to Hazle Township caused quite a scene Thursday morning. The visitor  was not a lion, or tiger, but a bear, a big bear.  It ended up in someones back yard after it was spotted in another part of town and chased to Hazle Township near the high school. News 13 was at the scene where the five hundred pound bear took shelter in a street near West 23rd and Alter streets for more than an hour. The resident of the home where the bear ran to immediatly contacted police who then contacted the Game Commission. Officials from the Hazleton Area School District were also contacted because of the bears close proximity to the high school campus. We spoke with The Wildlife Conservation Officer who told us this furry guy was looking for quick and easy food from the trash, and said that people need to secure their garbage at all times, no mater where you live. To deter something like this from happening in the future, add bleach or ammonia to the bottom of your trash receptacle. If you do see a bear, do not chase it by any means, stay away and let it move on, on its own. That is exactly what they did today in Hazle Township, after leaving the bear alone in the tree  for a short time, the black bear went back into the woods and everyone was safe and sound.

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