Lawmakers Split on Voter ID Law

State Representative Tarah Toohil is not happy with the decision made Tuesday by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson Jr. regarding the voter ID law. The Pennsylvania judge postponed the enforcement of the state’s new strict voter ID law until after the November presidential election. Representative Toohil told News 13, not only do voters want this law, but the Pennsylvania House of Representatives worked hard to get the law passed. Representative Toohil says each and every fraudulent vote negates the integrity of one real vote. As for State Senator John Yudichak, he is not against the voter ID law, but simply feels it was moving too quickly and should not be implemented for this important election. The Senator told News 13, he commends the Judge on his ruling which ensures that not a single, eligible voter will be disenfranchised or turned away at the polls come Election Day. The lawmaker said there was simply not enough time to enable voters to obtain the necessary photo identification prior to this November’s election. More on News 13 Wednesday.

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