Keystone Job Corps Update


The forecast for Keystone Job Corps future has changed again and it’s not a good one. The Department of Labor, is now planning to cut even deeper than first reported. Last week, we told you that cuts to student numbers at Keystone would be averted in favor of an admissions freeze. The Department of Labor is indicating that freeze will reduce the student population at the Center by two-thirds, going even deeper than the initial cuts. Given length of training, and turnover in student population at Keystone, a proposed freeze on new students until June 30th, would mean the center would lose 400 incoming students, while graduating others. Congressmen Lou Barletta has protested the freeze, straight to the Secretary of Labor. Barletta said that a reduced number of students could result in layoffs to staff at Keystone. He said the Job Corps center is not only vital to the clients it serves, but the economy of all of Greater Hazleton.


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