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Job Search Assistance To Get Slashed With Sequestration

Those helping the unemployed might soon find themselves in their clients own shoes. Recent figures released by the white house show a steep cut in Job Search Assistance if the sequester happens. Pennsylvania will lose about $866,000 in funding. That will affect those who need job referrals and placement like Colleen Gahllagher, who was recently laid off.

Gallagher is not alone. If the sequester happens, more than 36,000 Pennsylvanians, like Gahhagher, might not get the help and skills they need to find employment. She was recently laid off and began looking for a new job almost a month ago

While each state officials know how much funding they’re set to lose in job assistance, many facilities, like here in Hazleton, are still bracing for the unknown, says Bob Pishko, program Supervisor at the Luzerne County CareerLink.

This office serves about ten thousand people in the Luzerne area on a regular basis. Pishko says some people depend on it for job readiness.

The sequester will make cuts across the board. So draconian, the cuts were supposed to have forced bipartisan talks. But those talks still haven’t happened.

And as the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania stands at almost eight percent, Gallagher worries it could tick up if the cuts happen, making it more difficult for her to get a job. So, she’s looking for new options.

There is some hope. Bipartisan congressional leaders will meet with the president for talks on Friday — the same day the sequester goes into effect.

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