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HPD Warn of Scam

The Hazleton City Police received numerous complaints from individuals who have been scammed by a fraudulent group of criminals claiming to be the utility company. The caller ID will even show or appear as the power or utility company through telephone spoofing. The caller will request payment of a bill via credit card or through various money grams services or threaten to cut your power or utilities off.

These are common scams during the colder weather and if you’re called you should not contact the number provided by the caller, but call the number on your actual power or utility bill. Do Not Call the Number the fraudulent individuals are providing as it will appear as real with a recording.

The SCAM is devised to defraud individuals of money by falsely stating money is owed and that power or utilizes will be shut off. Please do not provide any credit card information, personal information, banking information or go and purchase any type of money service for payment.


Statement from Chief of Police Jerry Speziale: “This is an active SCAM and we do not want anyone to fall for this fraud.” “In order to ensure legitimacy, contact your power or utility company by the number on your actual bill received in the mail or call 911.”

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