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Hillside SPCA Rescues 24 Animals

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 5.42.44 PM This is the face of animal neglect and abuse. A dog’s battered jaw.

A mother dog’s tummy pregnated so many times it drags.

And a puppy so afraid of simply interacting, it cowers in a corner, it’s eyes filled with fear. These are just some of the animals the Hillside SPCA captured at this Pottsville home Tuesday, at 531A North Centre Street. But Janine Choplick says the 24 dogs, cats and two chincillas can be rehabilitated and make perfect house with just a little love.

Janinine says the house was nothing less of disgusting. In some rooms, feces on the floor spanned three inches high.

So why would soeone hoard all these animals? It’s a hidden problem, she says.

Hidden problem or not, these animals now need new owners.

All these animals want for Christmas… is a forever home.

If your’e looking for a pet, contact the hillside SPCA at 51 SPCA Rd , Pottsville, PA 17901; (570) 622-7769


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