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Help for Baby Hope

Help for Hope

The parents of baby Hope Card are devastated. Their three week old new born has been sick for much of her short life. Hope was born at Hazleton General with several complications including respiratory stress syndrome. She was having a hard time eating and breathing. Shortly after she was was born, she was flown to Geisinger Danville for treatment. A week later  she was released by the hospital. Then, a week later,out of the blue, baby Hope spiked a fever. She was taken back to hospital where she was diagnosed with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus better known as MRSA and Meningitis. Both are treatable but can be life threatening for young children or a patient with a weak immune system. Doctors told the Card’s their daughter had a 50% chance of living. Thomas was stuck with a hard decision.He recently lost his job, so with a tight budget he uprooted his family thinking they could stay at the Ronald McDonald house in Danville where they stayed during Hopes first visit to the hospital. Now, the family is asking for help from the community while they wait for their baby to get better.The couple’s family has pitched in. Thomas’ aunt paid for the family to stay at a hotel. Thomas said Hope’s slowly recovering and he’s grateful for all the support his family has received.

If you would like to help the family in any way. You can call Thomas on his cellphone




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