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Hazleton Reacts to Pope Benedict’s Resignation

Saying good-bye to His Holiness, Father Gregory Finn says Pope Benedict served an inspiring leadership role. He focused today’s homily around the media critisism arimed at Pope Benedict for stepping down from his post. Father Finn says that even though he was the first to do so in six hundred years, every Pope has that option. He calls it a practical and rational decsion.

Citing his age and diminishing strength, Pope Benedict announced February 11th that he would retire today. He said he would continue to serve, even in retirement.

Church-goers here at St. Gabriel’s say they’re as devoted as they ever were in the Roman Catholic Church. They’re hopeful the next pope will bring a stronger community of Catholics around the world.

Pope Benedict Pope Benedict will still serve God while in retirement but pledged his “unconditional reverence and obedience” to his successor. Father Finn says he’s hopeful the next Pope will bring the world closer to God.

The conclave is expected to elect the next pope in mid-March.

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