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Hazleton Area School District Spelling Bee

The Hazleton Area School District Annual Spelling Bee Wednesday night
turned into an historic event…
After going over 40 rounds and running out of words, three winners were
named and will now practice hard as they prepare for the Regional
Spelling Bee in Wilkes Barre this March…
26, 6th, 7th and 8th Graders went head to head at the West Hazleton
Elementary Middle School spelling word after word after word…
Finally, after nearly an hour and a half, it came down to 3 spellers,
Gabriella Kupsho and Devin Reed from the Drums School and Pranjal Satija
from Valley Elementary who was a returning student and participated in
last year’s spelling bee…
In a nail biting finale, 6th Grader Devin Reed claimed first place after
a spell off with Gabriella Kupsho and Pranjal walked away with the 3rd
place win…
Again, all three now head to the regional bee and have the chance to
spell their way all the way to the National competition in Washington DC…
Although there could only be three winners, all of the students who
claimed a spot in the District bee were winners and the top spellers
from their individual schools…
A big congratulations to the Bee Advisers from each of the schools for
being such great coaches to the students.
The Hazleton Standard Speaker and McDonalds sponsored Wednesday’s
Bee…News 13’s Kristen Buczynski served as “Bee Master” for the 7th
year in a row.

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