Hazleton 4th Ward Opens Late for Voters

where's the box?

All across Pennsylvania polls opened at 7a.m. Tuesday morning. However, the 4th Ward in Hazleton had problems getting started. A very important box never made it to the polling place. Judge of Election, Tina Nelmes told News13 she never saw the box at her house. In years past, Nelmes had to sign for the important box, but recently that’s changed. Luzerne County Board of elections said the election box was delivered to her home on May 18th. The 4th Ward was unable to open until another box was brought to take its place. At least 3 people did vote using emergency Provisional Ballots from Ward 3. Voter, Nadine Knepper  wasn’t able to stay and wait for the polls to open. In fact, she left before she knew she could vote with an emergency ballot. Knepper  plans to find a way to cast her vote even though she doesn’t think she will be back in time to vote by 8 clock.



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