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Girardville Man Needs A Heart

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.06.25 PM A Girardville man now has less than nine days to get a heart. Otherwise, he’ll be taken off a priority list and his surgery will be put on hold indefinitely until he does find a heart.

Three years ago, Robbie Krick was a healthy guy. He had a job, wife and house. But then, he had a heart attack and later found out he has heart failure. He was told he would need a new heart.

University of Pennsylvania hospital has since given him a L-VAD that connects to his heart to pump it electronically.

His heart isn’t all that’s hurting, but he’s not too worried about money. He just wants a heart, and has nine days to do it before he isn’t at the top of a list.

And while his friends can’t give him a heart, but they are doing their part. The Girardville Knights of Columbus are holding a hoagie sale to raise money for him. Last day to order is June 17.

And since his co-pays are quickly adding up, his friends also started a fund in his name.

Send donations to the Rob Krick Heart Fund, c/o Warren “Nick” Lane, 938 Centre St., Ashland, PA 17921

The Girardville Knights of Columbus is holding a hoagie sale. Order deadline is June 17, with delivery to the Sheridan Room at St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Girardville, on June 25. Order forms are available in the back of Girardville’s St. Joseph and St. Vincent churches. Visit the Rob Krick Heart Fund page on Facebook.

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