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Fire at Keystone Job Corp

Firefighters were awakened this morning bright and early when flames
erupted on the campus of the Keystone Job Corp. Student Uniforms were
lost in the blaze that damaged a modular trailer at the Drums Center.
The fire was discovered around 4:45 this morning, no one was in or
around the trailer. A Butler Township police officer arrived before
firefighters and confirmed there was a fire and smoke was billowing from
the roof and it looks like the modular building will need to be torn
down even though most of the fire was contained to the roof. We’re told
the fire was actually burning between the roof and the rafters when fire
crews got there. No word on how the blaze started. A state police fire
marshal is investigating the cause and officials at the facility tell
News 13 it looks like the heating system inside the trailer is to blame.

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