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Family Wants Answers

The family of an 80-year-old man who was involved in an accident in
downtown Hazleton wants answers and they have hit the pavement to get
them. The accident happened Friday May 18th just before ten in the
morning at the intersection of Broad and Laurel Streets. 80-year-old
Walter Bloss Senior was riding his Motor Scooter on Laurel Street when a
Police SUV driven by Hazleton City Police Chief Frank DeAndrea hit
Bloss’s Scooter. Bloss was ejected from the Scooter and suffered serious
injuries and he remains in the intensive care unit of Geisinger Hospital
in Danville. The Chief also suffered a knee injury. The investigation
into the accident continues and is being handled by the Hazleton City
Police Department who has a trained accident reconstructionist reviewing
the scene and evidence. Despite this, the Family wants answers and wants
witnesses of the crash to come forward. The Bloss Family has posted
fliers in businesses in hopes of finding people who saw the crash.
Members of the family tell News 13 that their dad never lost
consciousness after the accident and he claims that he had the green
light on Laurel Street. The Bloss Family asks that you call 570-751-6735
if you can provide any information related to this accident or call
Hazleton police at 911, again the police investigation continues into
exactly how the downtown Hazleton accident happened.

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