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Drunk Driving Simulator


DUI simulator

Fernando Rodriguez was driving drunk when he got in an accident. Luckily, Fernando was behind the wheel of a DUI Simulator and not really on the road. Wednesday, Serrento Gardens along with  Student’s Against Destructive Decisions or SADD held a special event at Hazleton Area High School where seniors got the chance to safely sit behind the wheel of a car to see what it’s like to drive drunk. Highschool student and President of SADD Club at Hazleton, Paul Lehman thinks the simulator will help kids stop and think before they drink and drive. However, Serrento Gardens brought so much more than just the simulator to Hazleton to help the students learn about drugs and alcohol. There were also a variety of brochures and DUI “Drunk Goggles”. As prom season and Graduation are coming up quickly Fernando said he now knows that driving drunk is no joke!


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