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Drainage Work at Two Ball Parks

Now that baseball season is over, two ball fields in the Valley will undergo some drainage work. The Babe Ruth Field along with the Little League Field at Whispering Willows Park in Conyngham will undergo some renovations. At a special session Borough meeting Tuesday afternoon, Council gave the go ahead to the Conyngham Borough Authority to drill a drainage line, to drain ground water near the Babe Ruth Field. This action was actually mandated by the DEP. When the ground water accumulates, it covers the well head, so draining it is the only answer. The drainage line will go through the Little League Field and empty out into the back of center field. Council also approved an update to the drainage at the nearby Little League Field. A number of games were postponed this season because water was just laying on the field.
Work should be underway within a week or so in Conyngham. Officials hope the projects are homerun for everyone.

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