Dilemma in Coxeville

One resident of a small town, that sits along route 93 in Banks Township, is missing something very important to her home….an address! News 13 stopped by the home of Mary Ann Novatnak in Coxeville Thursday afternoon to talk about her dilemma. Although you could drive through this small community in less than a minute, you may have trouble finding the house you’re looking for because none of the homes in Coxeville have a “physical address.” Some homes are labeled with numbers, some with numbers and letters, and some with nothing at all. The “RD” numbers or royal route delivery numbers found on many of the homes are not recognized by the post office’s national data base, which means Novatnak can’t order anything off line. She also has trouble filing for her local taxes because her employer’s computer does not recognize her home as a physical address. Novatnak’s biggest problem is that emergency personnel aren’t able to get to any house in Coxeville quickly or without being provided with a physical description. That isn’t just a problem for Novatnak who lives with her 82 year old mother, but for the entire community that is home to many senior citizens. Without a 911-emergency number on her house, Novatnak fears for her mother’s safety and says her mom would not be able to explain to 911 where she lives. This inconvenience has also prompted some residents to have their mail delivered straight to the post office in nearby Beaver Meadows. There was an effort back in 2009 to get proper addresses for these home, but nothing ever came of it.

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