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DARE Graduates

Congratulations to twenty-one 5th grade students who successfully
completed a big DARE in class. The students were dared to make the right
choices in life through DARE education. DARE standing for Drug Abuse
Resistance Education. For the past 10 weeks, Hazleton Police 1st
Lieutenant John Leonard spent time with the 5th graders, teaching them
about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and reaching out to them about
peer pressure and bullying. Tuesday was graduation day, with all of the
students completing their DARE report as the final project and receiving
their DARE Certificate. State Representative Tarah Toohil was the guest
speaker. Four students gave speeches at graduation and were recognized
for being honor graduates and distinguished honor graduates. The Dare
Program is a nationally recognized program that has been around for
years. Congratulations to all of today’s graduates! Remember to make the
right choices.

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