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City Officials To Decline County Offer That Would Merge Buses

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.09.11 PM Some Hazleton City Officials are confounded by a letter they recieved yesterday. It came from a Luzerne County Official, pressuring them to allow the county to take over the bus system.

Sifting through the two-page letter from PennDOT, City Admininstrator Steve Hahn says he’s baffled by it’s language and timing.

The letter pressures Hazleton Officials to accept a merger with the Luzerne County Transportation authority. It says it would save a million dollars, more than half of which would include administrative costs. But Hahn says the numbers don’t add up.

Hahn says the letter suggests that the county is seeking to add riders to its books. That comes about a year after two county officials charged that county drivers were counting “ghost riders” to increase state funding.

And he says that the Hazleton bus authority will remain under the city.

The city is currently drafting a letter to the county in response. They plan to mail that, declining the offer, next week.

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