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Lakewood Park DVD

Please call our station at 570-455-7267 to order a dvd of our Lakewood Park Documentary. 

ssptvlogo Integrates with Facebook

We are pleased to announce that is now fully integrated with Facebook. Through App Development, SSPTV has added features to our website to automatically share headlines and comments through our Facebook Feed making it user friendly. We continue to strive to provide the best user friendly experience for our visitors. Our Facebook will now…

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Heating Safety

It’s a cold winter night. You decide to use a space heater, or perhaps light a fire in the fireplace, to save on the heating bill. Comfortable from its warmth as bedtime approaches you think, “What harm could it cause to leave it on overnight?” Think again. While these heating devices may help you feel…

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Web Extra Sam Marolo

Hosts Rick Morelli, Mike Decosmo, and Dr. Dave Sosar talk with Superintendant Sam Marolo after the show about the Hazleton Area School Board.

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