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The Sam Lesante Show

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“Fugetaboutit” Cooking Show

Sam talks with Nate Lee, owner of Fugetaboutit, about the new cooking show that will be airing on SSPTV channels.

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Hazleton Mayor Jeff Cusat

Sam talks with Hazleton Mayor Jeff Cusat about the state of the city during the pandemic and gets an update on city related matters.

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PA State Rep. Tarah Toohil

Sam talks with PA State Rep. of the 116th District, Tarah Toohil about how the pandemic has affected the state and what is being done now.

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Tim Twardzik for PA State Rep.

Sam talks with Tim Twardzik, candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative of the 123rd District.

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Gary Wegman for Congress

Sam talks with Gary Wegman, PA 9th Congressional candidate.  

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Luzerne County Update

Sam talks with Luzerne County Manager about the status of the county during the pandemic and about the upcoming election.  

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John Leshko for State Rep.

Sam talks to John Leshko, Candidate for PA State Representative of the 123rd District.  

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Schuylkill Co. Coroner COVID19 Report & Theresa Gaffney for State Rep.

Sam talks with Schuylkill County Coroner Dave Moylan, MD about the Coroner’s COVID19 report and we hear from Theresa Gaffney who is running for PA State Rep. of the 125th District.

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COVID19 Conspiracies

Sam talks with Ned Dougherty, author of “Fast Lane to Heaven” and creator of about possible conspiracies behind how COVID19 was made into a pandemic.

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Former US Congressman Lou Barletta

Sam talks with former US Congressman and former Hazleton City Mayor about the current events in the city, state and nationally with the COVID 19 pandemic.  

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