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The Sam Lesante Show

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The Luzerne Foundation

Sam talks with David Pedri, President & CEO of The Luzerne Foundation about what the organization does and how you can be a part of a lasting legacy.  

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2023 Schuylkill Leadership program

Sam talks with Robert S. Carl, Jr., President & CEO, Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and Samantha Chivinski, Executive Vice President, Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce about the 2023 Schuylkill Leadership program. For more information go to  

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PA State Police on local scams for 2023

Sam talks with Trooper Anthony Petroski, Community Services Officer with the Pennsylvania State Police Troop N in Hazleton about some of the local scams that are occurring in the area and what you can do to prevent becoming a victim.  

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Lynda Schlegel Culver for Senate

Sam talks with republican candidate, Lynda Schlegel Culver, PA State Rep. of the 108th legislative district about her run for senate.  

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U.S. Congressman Dan Meuser – PA 9th District

  Sam speaks with Congressman Dan Meuser, Pennsylvania – District 9 about what his party will do now that they have majority in the House. Meuser also discusses current events including mainstream media manipulation, border patrol, taxes, energy, inflation, Biden Administration, FBI raid on Trump, Hunter Biden and much more.   Click any link below…

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Pottsville Mayor Dave Clews : Mayor’s Report – January 2023

Sam is at Pottsville City Hall speaking with Mayor Dave Clews and one of the winners of the Launch Pottsville business startup, Clarissa Christ from Rage Parade Skate Shop.  

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GFS Financial Advisors, LLC

Sam talks with Don Galade, CEO of GFS Financial Advisors, LLC about what makes them different and how they can help you invest your money.   To sign up for the upcoming FREE Seminars, go to  

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LVH-Hazleton Physician and Clinician Growth

Sam speaks with Terry Purcell, President of LVH-Hazleton and Ammar Abbasi, MD LVPG Physiatry Health & Wellness Center Medical Director as they give an update on the new physicians and services in the area.  

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Greco Brokerage

Financial Advisor, Blaise Greco from Greco Brokerage discusses how he can help you invest your money.  

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Mike Marsicano and the state of America

  Sam talks with Mike Marsicano, former Pennsylvania State Policeman and Former Mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania and host of the local show, “And That’s The Way It Is.” Topics include; US Congress, energy independence, Joe Biden, FBI raid on Donald Trump, taxes, illegal immigration, censorship, “woke” culture, election, abortion and the brainwashing from the big…

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