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The Girls

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Moran Funeral Home

“The Girls” are on location at the Joseph A. Moran Funeral Home speaking with Joseph Moran and Melissa Moran-Berlitz. They discuss the history of the funeral home and what preparations you should make.  

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Pinball Museum

“The Girls” visit the Pinball Museum in Pottsville, PA and talk with “Bingo Butch” Glauda.    

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Gardening Tips from Smith Floral Co.

Jennifer Barnasevitch, owner of Smith Floral Co. gives us some tips to make our flowers and plants last longer.  

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Dylan Yurista

“The Girls” talk with Dylan Yurista about his weight loss journey where he lost over 160lbs.  

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Author, Suzanne Baltsar

Published Author, Suzanne Baltsar talks about her new book, “Hating Mr. Perfect.”  

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Guest Update: Model & Actress Mara Galbiati

“The Girls” catch up with model & actress, Mara Galbiati about what she has been up to since she was on the show last time.  

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Health & Beauty influencer, Gina Dinko

“The Girls” talks with local health & beauty influencer, Gina Dinko.  

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Poet, Alisa Gillenardo

“The Girls” talks with Published Poet, Alisa Gillenardo about her new book, “My Heart on Paper,” a poetry collection.  

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Author, Marisa Burke

Author & Former WNEP News Anchor, Marisa Burke, talks about her book, “Just Checking Scores.”  

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Chef Jake Van Gilst is back

12 yr old chef, Jake Van Gilst talks about his time on “Master Chef Junior” and gives us an update on what he has been cooking.  

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