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The Sam Lesante Show


Ned Dougherty Part 2

Sam sits down with Ned Dougherty author of the book Fast Lane to Heaven, to talk about His near death experiances, and his new website.


Ned Dougherty

Sam sits down with Ned Dougherty author of the book Fast Lane to Heaven, to talk about his life prior to the writing of the book and what compelled him to write the book.


Lt. Governor Jim Cawley

Sam sits down with Lt. Governor Jim Cawley to discuss what the Lt. Governor’s responsibilities entail as well as the plans for the furture of Pennsylvania including the most recent budget package.


Welfare Fraud

Sam sits down with PA State Rep. Tarah Toohil to disscuss Welfare Fraud with the Access Card, The drug Bath Salts, and The commitees Tarah is on.


The Citizen’s Voice Newspaper

Sam sits down with Scott Lynett Publisher / Times-Shamrock Communications and Daniel Haggerty Publisher of The Citizens’ Voice and The Standard-Speaker to talk about “The Life and times of the Citizens’ Voice” a news paper in th Wilkes-Bare area of PA


Judge Correale Stevens

Sam talks with Judge Correale Stevens President Judge of the Superior Court.


Al Boscov

Sam talks with Al Boscov Chairman and CEO of Boscov’s Department Store.


Luzerne County Youth Aid Panel

Sam talks with Luz. Co. PA District Atty. Jackie Musto Carroll and 1st Asst. Luzerne county D. A. about the Luzerne county Youth Aid Panel.


Ultra Clean Fuels

Sam Talks with Congressman Lou Barletta, Senator John Yudichak, and John President of WMPI PTY., LLC about how we can reduce our dependancy on foreign oil.


Teeth in an Hour

Sam talks to Dr. Chris Falvello about the Teeth in an Hour Procedure and shows the viewers how the procedure is done

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