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The Sam Lesante Show

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Orthopedic Surgeon & Author, Tom Meade, MD

Sam talks with orthopedic surgeon, Tom Meade, MD about why he got into the medical field and his book that he co-authored.  

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Greco Brokerage

Sam talks with Blaise Greco from Gerco Brokerage about some of the new options there are in life insurance, annuities & estate planning. For more information go to  

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – 2021 Entrepreneur Award Winner

Sam talks with Schuylkill Chamber’s 2021 Entrepreneur Award Winner, Millard Wallace, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Clearly Clean.  

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LVHN – Seasonal Allergies

Sam talks with Alyssa Menghini, PA and Roslon Johnson, CRNP from LVPG Family Medicine – Station Circle about seasonal allergies.

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – Farm to Table Event

Sam talks with Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce Events & Marketing Director Danielle Laudeman and The Brickhouse Manager, Winn Allen about the “Farm to Table” event on June 11, 2021 at Union Station in Pottsville, PA.    

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – PADCO

Sam talks with Pottsville Area Development Corporation’s (PADCO) President, Bob Weaver Jr.  

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Lou Barletta for PA Governor

Lou Barletta announces his run for Pennsylvania Governor.      

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Brobson for PA Supreme Court

President Judge Kevin Brobson discusses his run for Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court.  

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – Chamber Awards Pt.2

Sam talks with some of the 2021 Schuylkill Chamber Awards Winners; 1. Terry Alexander – Executive Director of St. Patrick’s Pottsville Area Kitchen, Chamber Nonprofit Organization of the Year 2021 2. Bob Allen – Allen-Goodman & Associates, Ltd. – James M. Stine Lifetime of Service Award  

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – Chamber Awards Pt.1

Sam talks with some of the 2021 Schuylkill Chamber Awards Winners; 1.Wendy Lazo, St. Luke’s University Health Network, St. Luke’s Miners Campus, President and CEO—Business Woman of the Year 2021 2. Brock Stein, Koch’s Turkey Farm, President—Young Professional of the Year 2021—First Ever Recipient of the Young Professional of the Year Award 3. Jamie Barton,…

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