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The Sam Lesante Show

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Korean War Veteran an Author, Joseph Barna

Sam talks with Korean War Veteran an Author, Joseph Barna about his book, God Makes Angels and Navy Corpsmen: A Korean War Veteran’s Memories of the War and Life.”    

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Tamaqua Chamber of Commerce

Sam is at the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce speaking with Tamaqua Chamber President, Linda Marchalk and Aimee Dotson, Outreach & Office Administrator about what the chamber does and their upcoming events.  

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Helping Hands Society

Sam talks with Executive Director, Mary Beth Koch, Board Member Tracy Kress and parent Venessa Vicoso with this year’s ambassador Ethan about what Helping Hands Society is about and how to donate to their mail-a-thon.  

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Schuylkill Chamber Member Benefits

Sam talks with Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce’s Samantha Chivinski, Schuylkill Chamber Member Relations Director about member benefits when you join.  

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Pre-Show: 2021 Great Pottsville Cruise

Sam talks with organizers of the 2021 Great Pottsville Cruise that will be on August, 14, 2021  

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Author & Artist Cindy Ross – pt. 2

Sam talks with Cindy Ross about her 9th book, “Walking Toward Peace- Veterans Healing on America’s Trails.” For more information go to  

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PA Senator David Argall

Sam talks with David Argall, PA Senator of the 29th District about the PA audit & redistricting.  

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Author, Don Galade

Sam talks with International Best Selling Author, Don Galade about his recent book, “In God we trust; the Dollar we WORSHIP.”  

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Orthopedic Surgeon & Author, Tom Meade, MD

Sam talks with orthopedic surgeon, Tom Meade, MD about why he got into the medical field and his book that he co-authored.  

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Greco Brokerage

Sam talks with Blaise Greco from Gerco Brokerage about some of the new options there are in life insurance, annuities & estate planning. For more information go to  

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