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The Sam Lesante Show

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Alexandra Kokura Kravitz for Luzerne County Judge

Sam talks with Judge Alexandra Kokura Kravitz on her run for Luzerne County Judge. Go to for more information.

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” COVID & Restaurants

Carmelo Valenti, owner of Roman Delight, talks about the effects of the pandemic on his business and what he did to overcome it.  

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Laura Dennis for Luzerne County Judge

Sam talks with Laura Dennis, candidate for Luzerne County Judge.

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Bob Yevak: Write-In Candidate for Hazleton City Council

Sam talks with Bob Yevak, write-in candidate for Hazleton City Council.  

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Brian Nester, Pres. & CEO – Lehigh Valley Health Network

Pres. & CEO of Lehigh Valley Health Network, Brian Nester and President of LVH – Hazleton, John Fletcher talk about the pandemic and the strategies they put in place.  

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Congressman Meuser on Biden’s 100 Days

Sam talks with Dan Meuser of the PA 9th Congressional District about the fist 100 days of President Biden in office.  

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – Taxes and the pandemic

David Laudeman, CPA, CVA from Heckman & Laudeman, LLC discusses the tax laws for businesses during the pandemic.  

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Judge Christina Hale & Chris Hobbs, Esq.

Sam talks with Judge Christina Hale about her re-election candidacy for Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas & Chris Hobbs, Esq. about his run for Judge in the Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas.  

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – Schuylkill Technology Center

Guests, Shannon Brennan – Director / Schuylkill Technology Center & Bob Carl – CEO / Pres. of Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce.  

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” – Lehigh Valley Health Network

Guests, Bill Reppy – Pres. / LVH Schuylkill & Senior VP LVHN, Alex Benjamin MD – Chief Infection Control & Prevention at LVHN & Bob Carl – CEO / Pres. of Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce.  

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