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The Girls

The Girls SSPTV

Sammy’s Angels

In the season 2 premiere, “the girls” see what it’s like to use a firearm. Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea is the guest.

The Girls SSPTV

Better Cleavage

The Girls discuss ways to improve and change the look of cleavage with plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kimmel.

The Girls SSPTV

Maka da’ Pizza!!

The girls take a tasty trip to Vito’s Coal Fired Pizza in Pottsville, PA.

The Girls SSPTV

Exotic food and animals

The Girls get exotic in the latest episode with a blind taste test of some exotic food and a visit from a local reptile & animal sanctuary.

The Girls SSPTV

Travel Tips

The “girls” talk travel and have a special guest who can help you get great deals on your vacation.

The Girls SSPTV


For lucky show 13, “The Girls” talk about deodorants and Debbie gets acupuncture.

The Girls SSPTV

Beauty Pageants

“The Girls” talk to a local beauty pageant winner, Dr. Jill Snyder, about competing.

The Girls SSPTV

Easter Traditions

“The Girls” talk about Easter traditions and show us how to make easter pie and chocolate easter eggs.

The Girls SSPTV

“Flip Your Health”

“The girls” introduce us to a new segment called “Flip Your Health.” Annie Kistler is on a journey to health and weight loss with the help of Dr. Joe Bafile from Bafile Family Chiropractic.

The Girls SSPTV

Botox & Fillers & Implants…Oh My!

In this episode, “the girls” discuss ways to “beautify” yourself. Guest Dermatologist, Dr. Steve Schleicher goes over fillers, botox, and much more.

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