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The Girls

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LVPG’s Michael Evans, MD

Michael Evans, MD, MPH – medical director for LVPG Hazleton & Schuylkill discusses various cancers and treatments.

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Cancer survivor, Christine Falvello

Continuing with cancer awareness month, “The Girls” speak with cancer survivor Christine Falvello and her husband, Conrad about her journey.  

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American Cancer Society

Continuing with cancer awareness month, “The Girls” speak with rep.’s from the local and regional American Cancer Society and a cancer survivor.

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Cancer Survivor, Jillian Datchko

Cancer Survivor, Jillian Datchko talks about her journey.

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Author & Educator Kelly Rippon

Author, educator & speaker Kelly Rippon talks about being an olympic parent and single mom of six and her book, “Parent Up.”  

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Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency

Michael Rivkin, Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency, talks about what makes Jim Thorpe such a unique town to live, work and play.  

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Inspirational Speaker, Stephen Hoppy

Inspirational speaker, Stephen Hoppy talks about what he has overcome and how others can too.  

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Explore Luzerne County

In the season 19 premier, “The Girls” talk with newly hired Luzerne County Visitor’s Bureau’s Executive Director, Alan Stout about his background the various activities in Northeast Pennsylvania.  

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Catholic Women’s Conference

“The Girls” talks with speakers of the upcoming Catholic Women’s Conference of North East Pennsylvania.

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Eating disorders in children

Registered Dietitian Amy Cartwright, RDN discusses eating disorders in children.  

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