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The Girls

The Girls SSPTV

Community Services for Sight

“The Girls” talk with Pres./CEO of Community Services for Sight about the non-profit organization. They also talk to Joe Bogwist, one of their clients who has been blind since birth, Dr. Anthony Silvetti, a low vision specialist and Isabella Lesante, a volunteer and fundraiser.

The Girls SSPTV

2015 Miss Greater Hazleton Scholarship Winners

“The Girls” talk to the 4 winners of the 2015 Miss Greater Hazleton Scholarship Program.

The Girls SSPTV

Social Change Enthusiast

“The Girls” talk with social change enthusiast Michael Barata about positive living and social media.

The Girls SSPTV

Pediatrician Dr. Robert Childs

“The Girls” talk with local pediatrician Dr. Robert Child about children’s health. Topics include vaccinations & obesity.

The Girls SSPTV

The Next Picasso

“The Girls” get their paint on as they travel to Drums, PA to The Next Picasso.

The Girls SSPTV

Vito’s Coal Fired Pizza

“The Girls” travel to Vito’s Coal Fired Pizza in Pottsville, PA (again) to visit with the owners, Vito & Kelly Valenti, talk with some of the staff and get involved in some of the behind the scenes service.

The Girls SSPTV


“The Girls” talk nails with OPI Field Education Manager Renee Meyers.

The Girls SSPTV

Holiday Fitness and Nutrition

“The Girls” travel to Core Fitness and talk with the owners about what types of exercises you can do, speak with 2 of their clients who have had success and travel to Boyer’s to talk with a nutritionist about how to enjoy the holiday food without over doing it.

The Girls SSPTV

Sky Top Adventures

Jeannine crosses another one off her “bucket list” when she goes to Sky Top Adventure Center and tries her hand at zip lining.

The Girls SSPTV

Author, Edward T. Bednarz III

“The Girls” talk with Wilkes Professor and Author, Edward T. Bednarz III about his book, “The Journey to Discover the Meaning of Life.”

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